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Hello all viewers, i want you to know i am a indie and 1 person developer so games and updates will come at their time, aproximately the new version will come out in 2 or 3 months so please know that.

Hope you understand me.


like the game. Hate the motion blur.

Thanks, i will make an option to disable motion blur.

Thanks for responding.

How is the game?

What you like and dislike from the game?

I love the game it's kinda funny in its own way. I don't know why but it make me laugh but I really enjoy the game.

Thanks!, i like your opinion, also, wait for the new version, it gonna take some time to make it, (spoilers)

New gun models, better AI, more maps and easter eggs (unlockable weapons and maps), xp system(fast and simple) , more weapons(example, flare gun, distracts enemies and guide team).


I will add a bigger map and better AI next update please wait...