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The proyect has been cancelled but i am working in a brand new game with same style "RandomWeapons", i will release it soon, its a battlefield type game with some physics and a lot of weapons and gadgets to use. Comment what you want in it and see you in the next game.

-IndieGames 5/05/2017

hi i think that you game is great i think you can put more maps (idint even test the game but the way it looks is soo great) alsoclasses like someone that gets invisible or something in that way

Thanks! but, im working in an new game fps with some physics and a lot of weapons son wait for the big one!

your game is really cool added first person shooter

Thanks, a big update is coming!!!

Thanks for a quick response! I also have some more tips for the game. Make it so you aim with your mouse(not with w and s). Make the rocket launcher be explosive and also make blocks fly. And the problem with the AI is still not 100% fixed. I hope that this game will be great :)

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AI it´s quite difficult to make it work in a 2D game but the aiming idea and rocket launcher explosions are good ideas!

About the classes what classes are you thinking on?

What problems you have with AI?

I want to see more classes. Also add a way to move those blocks. When a structure falls,its game over. Some land vehicles would be cool too. And the most important things: improve the controls and the AI. The game is ok.

Thanks for your opinion!

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